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What are the best ways for You to speak French?


Many people like you are beginning to learn french and want to find easy and efficient ways to speak french.
If you are animated by the desire to learn the french language, this site is for you!

You have your own reasons why you’re starting learning french. You may take this new challenge for professionnal purpose? You may be a student and not have had the choice at school and have to learn french? Maybe you want to find fun way for your kids to learn french? Or maybe you’ve met a gorgeous french girl and you want to speak french with her?

Whatever is your reason to speak french, you understand that to develop your skills in french, it’s important you have a minimum of will to go through the french grammar or french vocabulary. But guess what? It doesnt have to be long, boring and unmotivating!

And we’re going to help you to find easy ways to learn french and reach your goal! Do you really want to speak fluent french?

Being french myself, I’ll be happy to advise you on proper ways to pronounce french, on how to deal with the french grammar and vocabulary, on giving you french help and french tutorial and also recommend methods, online fench learning sites or books that will actually be real efficient tools ect…

FrenchPod101 - Learn French with Free Podcasts

How to speak french? 

Where can you learn french?

  • You can use Books and Audios to learn french
  • You can find Online methods to learn french. Find out which Online Learning Site is the best for you
  • Are you learning french on your own? You may want to find some french students in your area to have language exchanges. Why don’t you try to leave a note at the closest uni? If you think you may not have enough spare time or if you’re shy, you can also try to find some people who to speak to online? Meet some french people now!
  • Maybe all you want is basic survival french for travellers?
  • If you have some free time and dream about Europe, why wouldn’t you take advantage to visit the country, get to know the french culture and learn french in France? I have reviewed some leanguage courses in France for you.  You can check it out here.
  • If you’re aiming to teach french to your kids, it’s possible and from a very young age!
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Are you serious about learning french?

Learning a foreign language doesnt have to be serious, strict and boring. There are plenty of fun ways to learn to speak french. You can learn french with quizzes, french games, french audio… Even kids can learn french through games!

If you’ve been learning french for a little while already, and if you want to use these skills in your professional life, I really advise you to take a French Proficiency Test. This really doesnt cost you much more than a bit of revision and this can be very helpful and, when you’re looking for a new job, this can make a clear difference between your application and someone else’s.

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Despite your efforts, you still can’t speak french? 

Do not panic! French is easy! And  we’re not just saying this because we are french!  It’s just about finding your motivation why you want to do it, stick to a certain routine and found the right method that works for you! Do not waste any more time in poorly suggested methods!


Through this site, our goal is to help you find the right way for you to learn french. We have reviewed several sorts of methods – online, books, softwares, in french schools ect… and we have even developped my own method to teach you french. We want you to be able to speak french now and without effort! With a basic basis knowledge  of the french grammar, of french verbs and a restricted list of french vocabulary, you can speak french naturally and effortless! This is how and why we have written this E-BOOK. If you’re ready to give yourself the best chance to improve your french, grab your copy here!